Welcome to RareRP.com. This is the place the join our city and Discord Server or become a Patreon and select a membership level.

The Patreon button on our navigation bar will take you to our Patreon page where you will find three tiers to choose from.

They will give you exclusive access to the donor shop once an admin member adds you to the database and sets your points so you can buy a fast new shiny sports car.

The server was created and developed by a developer named Adrian McMaster who is also the co-owner he is 49 years old and from North Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. You can find out more about him by going to Adrianmcmastergaming.com

The main owner is named Gavin Gardiner. There will be plenty to do in the city from being a Police officer, Paramedic, Mechanic, or vehicle dealer. The main jobs will be whitelisted and the others will still be visible in the menu in the job center.

The Rare RP city is new and will be launching on Friday 17th September 2021 all being well.

The city has a modern police station, sports car dealer, bike dealer as well as the main vehicle dealer near the legion square.  In the sports car dealer, you will find custom sports cars and some are very fast and expensive. 

There are three police stations in use like Paleto Bay, Sandy Shore, and Mission Row.  There will be the main chief of police and three chiefs for the police stations who will have other ranks working with him. Remember it’s only a game and not a business so we are not power-hungry and just want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves.  


Owners, Co-Owners, and Admin will also be present in the city they will be wearing uniforms and traveling around the city in a marked vehicle like the ones you see in the image above. 

The Developer / Co-Owner will be in a marked owner vehicle when on duty so feel free to approach him and report any problems and discuss any issues you have. 

You are more than welcome to apply for a police job or any of the other whitelisted jobs available in the city. Applications will be available on our application page one available.

The same rules will apply like any other city or town and any person breaking those rules will risk being kick or banned from the city.

We want the city to be friendly as possible for people who join so they can enjoy their time in the city doing their roleplay. 

If you encounter any problems when in the city just let a member of the team know and they will be more than happy to help and will assist you where possible.

The framework we use is ESX 1.2 Legacy and is the latest framework released by the ESX team.

All our scripts are created for ESX 1.2 legacy and all work as they should but you know what gremlins are like. They might be in the framework causing problems for us and you know what that means. 

So if you see a cute little gremlin do not give them water and food after 12:am or it could be chaos for us and we don’t want that now do we.

The theme is American because a lot of people asked for the city to be American so we are keeping it that way. 

Some of you ask us about using the Qbus framework? We have no plan to use that but might try in the future.

We have a multicharacter system so you can create more than one character. Some of you will know that in the past year or so the multicharacter stopped working.

Thanks to the ESX team they updated it so it would work with their ESX 1.2 Legacy framework and works very well without any problems.

The main chief of police is named Jim Dempsey and if he sees you breaking any laws you will feel his hand on your collar and end up doing community service or jail time. 

The Website was created by Adrian McMaster and runs on his own home server using windows server 2019. He has other websites you might want to take a look at via the links below.
Adrianmcmastergaming.com     Northstaffsamgrp.com    McMasterphotography.com